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Pre-Fabricated Storage Sheds

When you begin to look at purchasing a prefab shed you will notice that there are many new options on the market today. For example, there are sheet metal sheds, wooden sheds, custom wooden sheds, plastic sheds, recycled plastic sheds, prefab sheds, one story sheds and two story sheds. A prefab shed is a great idea for storing common household items that you may not have much room for within your home or garage. Garden hoses, rakes, hoes, shovels, sprinklers, wood, paint, pool chemicals, pool gear, holiday items, bikes, jet skis, mowers, blowers and all other types of lawn care tools can be kept in these sheds. You will find that there are plans that you can buy to build your own shed or you can get a new state of the art prefab shed. When you look around your yard start to figure out strategically where you would like to place the shed. Keep in mind that you will need room to enter the shed with different types of items like the lawn mower. Make sure that the shed is located on a level piece of land and if not you can make a platform or foundation to make the shed more stable.

In many cases people have drainage problems with their yard and it would be prudent to have a raised foundation installed. Make sure that whatever foundation you make for the new prefab shed it is sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy items that you plan on keeping in the prefab shed. Like with buying a house you may want to think ahead and get one that not only is large enough to house your current loose items but also the ones you plan to obtain in the near future. The last thing you want to do is to quickly outgrow the new shed. Some of the neatest features of new synthetic sheds are that some of them have add on compartments that can be utilized if you do outgrow the existing shed. Some of the add on spaces are great for separating specific items like chemicals. If you are using your new prefab shed to house pool cleaning equipment you can add on a smaller space to keep the pool cleaning chemicals so that the kids, for example, can not get hurt by them. In fact, there are locking mechanisms that you can purchase to go along with the new outdoor storage containers. When you get your new shed you may have to anchor it down because of strong or gusty winds. Especially with the newer plastic sheds, some of them can be so lightweight, but sturdy, that you really want it to be fastened to the ground. There are specially designed anchoring kits that you can purchase for this that are not as unattractive as tying a rope to the whole thing to keep it down. You can also plant trees around your new outdoor storage shed to make wind breaks and also to keep the backyard attractive looking.


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