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6 x 5 Heavy Duty Palladium Shed by Duramax

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This Palladium adds a new dimension to the words “storage shed” by combining strength and beauty in one shed. The Palladium opens its interior to sunlight with a top window that runs the width of the shed. The Palladium has a heavy duty galvanized steel foundation to elevate the shed providing protection from water flow. To simplify loading the Palladium provides the customer with a ramp which is placed in front of the door. This shed has everything to satisfy the owner. The Palladium is painted using a hot dipped process to insure long life. A brilliant ultra luster silver color which is unique in today’s market place adorns this shed. This is just another addition to a metal shed that is unmatched in the industry. These features demonstrate the value it offers to the consuming public.


  • Heavy duty galvanized steel interior beams and columns.
  • Double thick galvanized steel walls
  • Unique light control supplied by a window that runs the width of the shed
  • A foundation that elevates the shed protecting the interior from water flow
  • Hop dipped painting process protecting the shed's look and insuring longevity
  • High walk in shed for mobility
  • High fashion look that will enhance any backyard or garden
  • Ramp to make loading heavy items an easy task
  • Lockable Front Door Handle
  • Strong Metal Structure Tested for 40 lb/sqft Snow Load
  • Impervious to wood eating insects
  • 20 Years Warranty

Palladium 6' x 5'
Model No.: 40872
Color Wall/Roof: Grey
Exterior Dimensions inches" W83.8 x D78.2 x H91.1
Cu. Ft" 149.4
Door Opening inches: W30.7" H71.5"
Weight: 328

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