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8 x 6 Duramax Palladium Metal Shed

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The Palladium high fashion metal shed is a uniquely looking shed that brings outdoor storage to a modern world. Combining aesthetic beauty and structural integrity, the Palladium shed is a must buy. The double thick heavy duty galvanized steel walls combines with a strong attractive lock handle door for a unique and secure unmatched attractive shed.

This Palladium adds a new dimension to the words “storage shed” by combining strength and beauty in one shed. The Palladium opens its interior to sunlight with a top window that runs the width of the shed. The Palladium has a heavy duty galvanized steel foundation to elevate the shed providing protection from water flow. To simplify loading the Palladium provides the customer with a ramp which is placed in front of the door. This shed has everything to satisfy the owner. The Palladium is painted using a hot dipped process to insure long life. A brilliant ultra luster silver color which is unique in today’s market place adorns this shed. This is just another addition to a metal shed that is unmatched in the industry. These features demonstrate the value it offers to the consuming public.


Heavy duty galvanized steel interior beams and columns.
Double thick galvanized steel walls
Unique light control supplied by a window that runs the width of the shed
A foundation that elevates the shed protecting the interior from water flow
Hot dipped painting process protecting the shed's look and insuring longevity
Tall walk in shed for mobility
High fashion look that will enhance any backyard or garden
Ramp to make loading heavy items an easy task
Lockable Front Door Handle
Strong Metal Structure Tested for 25 lb/sqft Snow Load
Impervious to wood eating insects
20 Years Warranty


Model: 41372
Color: Silver
Exterior Dimensions in Inches: L-82.36 x W-98.11 x H-91.06 
Interior Dimensions in Inches:  L-69.96 x W-94.76 x H-74.13 
Cubic Ft: 284.2
Door Dimensions: W-30.51 x 71.61

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