Best Solution to Your Storage Problem-Duramax Sheds and Garages

Best Solution to Your Storage Problem-Duramax Sheds and Garages

Having trouble keeping outdoor equipment? Are you tired of having a cluttered house? The best way to get rid of the clutter is to buy a vinyl shed or Duramax vinyl garage. They provide ample amount of space for you to store garden tools, outdoor equipment, and even park tractors. Along with this, you can use it as a workshop as well.

This article highlights the two best solution to your storage problem. Let’s take a closer look at both the Duramax Vinyl sheds and DuraMax Vinyl Garages.

Duramax Vinyl Sheds

The vinyl sheds are ideal for smaller yards. They provide you with the best place for storing your outdoor equipment. Whether you want to store lawn mower or gardening tools. These sheds have the capacity to accommodate all your outdoor equipment. The shed is made from strong and durable metal stricture that can withstand up to 20-lb snow load. The steel reinforced wall columns gives the sheds greater strength.

Moreover, the 30 inches wide door provides sufficient opening clearance. This allows you to take products in and out without any trouble. The shed features complete floor frame that lets you install flooring easily.

Are you wondering what makes these sheds special? These vinyl sheds have ivory siding that does not need to be painted. They are rust, dents, mildew and rot resistance. The Duramax sheds are fire retardant that offers extra safety. Most of the vinyl sheds can be built in 3 to 4 hours. The Duramax vinyl sheds comes in different sizes.

Duramax Vinyl Garages

DuraMax vinyl garages provides you the best combination of durability, size, and strength. All the garages features a foundation kit and an easy access ramp to allow tractors to drive in. These garages are perfect for open or greater space.

What makes these garages special? They are reinforced with metal inserted columns for even superior strength and rigidity. When you are looking for space to park tractor or for more storage space. The imperative thing is to consider the strength and durability. These garages eliminate the need to paint the garage and they require low maintenance. The wide range of Duramax vinyl garages are available with many features and in various sizes.

The garages come in sandy beige color that will not fade, rot or mildew. Along with this, the DuraMax vinyl garages are fire retardant as well. The gorgeous design allows them to fit in well with your house.

Therefore, both the products are perfect to get rid of unwanted clutter in your house. They provide safety and security to your items. If you need large space of storage then the Duramax vinyl garage is the ideal choice. We hope this article was helpful, please leave a comment below.