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Americana Greenhouse 12 x 12 by Polytex

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The 12' x 12' Hybrid Americana™ Greenhouse is large enough to create that garden oasis you've always wanted! The large footprint and barn style roof provide ample room for both gardening and leisure space. With double, swinging doors and four vent windows you'll have abundant air flow to create a comfortable environment for you and your plants. With the Americana™ greenhouse you have room to grow and room to share your love of gardening.
This Greenhouse includes Heavy Duty matching Steel Base Kit!

Barn shape
Widened peak area creates more headroom 
Shed Town Usa

Smart Sun Management
Twin Wall polycarbonate on the roof protects from strong noonday sun and retains heat at night while clear polycarbonate side panels allow more light transmission of morning and evening sun exposure.
Shed Town Usa

Adjustable Ventilation
Four adjustable, pre-assembled roof vents provide excellent ventilation.
Pre-installed weatherstripping will help keep your plants safe.
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Ameicana 12 x 12 Hobby Greenhouse
Width: 143 3/4"
Length: 143 3/4"
Cover: Roof: Clear, Twin-Wall Polycarbonate panels
             Wall Panels: Crystal Clear Polycarbobate
Frame: Aluminum Frame
Ventilation: (2) Adjustable Roof VentsShed Town Usa


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