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Glory Premium Class Hobby Greenhouse by Poly-Tex

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The premium class Glory greenhouse is the right answer for the year-round gardening enthusiast. The strong and robust gray powder-coated aluminum frame and 10mm thick polycarbonate panels make this a professional grade greenhouse that can be heated and/or cooled for year around usage. The side louver window and roof vent allow proper air flow for the ideal temperature to keep plants healthy. The heavy duty door is over 31 inches wide and can be locked. The Glory greenhouse offers a full 8 ft. 7 in. ft. (262cm) of inside headroom with a wide entrance door 31.7” (80.6cm) that can be assembled either from the right or from the left hand side, and is a full 6 ft. 3 in. (188cm) high and 31.7” (80.6cm) wide with a ramp for easy passage with wheelbarrow or wheelchair. The gutter system will allow you to collect fresh rain water for your plants. With sidewalls over 6' tall and a peak of almost 9' you can trellis your tall and leafy plants or over-winter your small trees. If you are serious about growing, this is your greenhouse.

This Greenhouse Model comes in 4 sizes- See Drop Down window below for choices.

Features of the Glory Greenhouse:

  • Virtually unbreakable, thick panels protect from harsh weather conditions as hail, snow and frost
  • Twin-wall glazed panels will protect your plants from the effect of harmful solar UV rays, by diffusing over 90% of the sunlight
  • Weather proof frame features improves assembly process with our customary, smart sliding panels system
  • All-around galvanized, rust resistant steel base kit included – crucial for adding height, structural support, stability & alignment
  • Lockable door, with a deluxe door handle allowing it to be effectively locked
  • Gutters & 4 gutter heads included
  •  Integrated, internal ground anchoring system offers structural support during harsh weather conditions
  •  Unique roof angle is designed to reduce accumulation of heavy snow load
  •  Bottom door seal brush strip – prevents dirt from entering inside as well as keeping chilly winds out    
  •  10 year manufacturer warranty

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