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Arrow Camo Shed 10' x 8'

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You will love this New Arrow Camo Shed when you want to protect your gear from the elements and keep them secure, but you also need to blend into the environment. Store your ATV, Jet Ski, Tents, gear, or any outdoor toys in this Hot Dipped Galvanized steel storage shed. Keeps your items dry and secure!


•HDG Steel™ – Hot dip galvanized steel coating for added corrosion protection
•Camouflage print to blend in with surroundings
•Available in spacious 10’x 8’ footprint to fit a variety of small and large storage needs
•High gable with reinforced steel roof
•Swing doors for easy entry and exit
•DIY assembly with pre-cut and pre-drilled parts
•15 year limited warranty


Model#: CAM108
Size: 10' x 8'
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 77' Cu Ft: 520'
Interior Dimensions: Width: 118.25" Depth: 94.5" Ht: 89.25"
Wall Height: 71.25"
Door Opening: Width: 59.5" Height: 69.25"
Foundation Size: Width: 121" Depth: 97"

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