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Rhino Shelter Cycle Pocket

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Whether it's a Honda, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, or Harley Davidson motorcycle, we've got the perfect storage solution for you! Protect your motorcycle from condensation, corrosion, dust, oxidation and insects. Completely encloses vehicle for full protection. Place cover in desired location, drive vehicle onto base of cover, place soft cover over vehicle (not included) bring upper half of cover over vehicle and ZIP SHUT!

  • Includes Storage Bag
  • Moisture reducer packet
  • White Upper Half / Grey Lower Half
  • Heavy-duty Zipper
  • Perfect For Indoor Dry Storage
  • Heavy Duty Fabric Backed Poly Ethylene Material -Upper and Lower Halves
  • Small Tooth Zipper for Maximum Strength
  • Dark Base To Avoid Dirt Marks or Stains
  • Air Tight Enclosure Protects Vehicle from All Contaminants, Insects, Dust, Oxidation
  • 100% Waterproof Material Protects from Spills or Moisture

    Standard Specifications
    Flat Size 11'9" Long x 7'9" Wide
    Fabric 8oz. polyethylene, CPAI-84 Fire Rated
    Available Colors Grey Lower half / White Upper half

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