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Window Kit for Duramate, Sidemate, and Yardmate Vinyl Sheds

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Window Kit for DuraMax Sheds – Duramate,Sidemate, and Yardmate

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DuraMax sheds are the best-in-class sheds you can buy. But even DuraMax sheds can be made even better…with a genuine DuraMax Window Kit. Made of unbreakable polycarbonate, this kit includes all the parts you need to add a window to your shed. The window has two sliding panels that open and close with ease. Installation is a breeze…and a breeze, after all, is what a window is all about. Or rather, it's half the story. Besides ventilation, a window also lets light into the shed, and that's the other half of the story. Fresh air is important, but so is light—especially on dark, overcast days or at times when you need to make the most of what little natural light is available.



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