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Extreme Weather Kit ( for 8 ft sheds)

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If you live in an area that is subject to high winds and extra-heavy snowfall, consider beefing up your 8 ft Lifetime storage shed with the Lifetime Extreme Weather kit.This kit anchors the shed to your shed platform from top to bottom using interior steel support channels which bolt from the roof trusses directly into the floor to reinforce doors, walls, and roof trusses. Roof trusses are reinforced with 4 large gussets (front and back) per truss as well as an additional short truss brace across the top for each long truss. The Extreme Weather Kit increases the roof load capacity of your shed from 23 psf without the kit, to 30 psf with kit installed. (That's a 2400 lb weight load capacity for an 8 x 10! ). The kit will also increase the wind speed rating from 11 psf to 20 psf (65 mph without the kit to 94 mph with the kit installed).

IMPORTANT: The Extreme Weather Kit provides reinforcements for UP TO THREE ROOF TRUSSES. This kit is designed for the 8 x 10 ft shed or any of our other smaller 8 ft sheds. This kit is not designed for the Lifetime Garden Style sheds in which the door is located in the longer side of the shed.

Note: Meets Dade Co. Florida shed code requirements. The installation of the Extreme Weather Kit ensures that your Lifetime shed will exceed wind pressure requirements for non-inhabited structures in Dade County, Florida. For more information regarding the code, please reference 2007 Code 1620.5 in the Dade County NOA document.

Key Points

  • Needed for extreme weather conditions only
  • Reinforces door, walls, and up to 3 roof trusses
  • Anchors directly to your shed platform
  • Increases roof load capacity from 23 psf without reinforcement kit to 30 psf with kit installed
  • Increases wind resistance from 65 mph without reinforcement kit to 94 mph (20 psf) with kit installed.
  • Not compatible with #60077 or #60085 8ft sheds
Specification Information
Model Number 60011
Design Designed for extreme weather conditions with steel support channels that anchor roof, walls, and door of the structure directly to the ground as well as roof truss reinforcement brackets
Material of Construction Steel
Compatibility For 8 ft. wide Lifetime storage sheds (not Lifetime Garden Sheds)
Maximum Snow Load Capacity 30 lbs per sq.ft.
Maximum Wind Resistance 94 mph or 20 psf
Warranty 10 yr. Limited Factory Warranty

Kit Includes

  • 8 steel wall reinforcement channels
  • 8 steel door reinforcement channels
  • 11 Floor anchor mounting brackets for doors, trusses and back wall (anchor bolts not included)
  • 3 Roof Truss Bracket Hardware
  • 4 Gable-to-Truss steel supports
  • 2 Reinforcement door latches
  • 12 Roof reinforcement screws per truss
  • 12 reinforcement gussets for trusses
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